Friday, September 13, 2013

First Day of School 2013

 While the kids were gone, I got a little surprise for each of the boys and the friends they were having over (my older two were already busy with extra-curricular activities...).
 Here are my elementary boys (and can you spot #3 photo bombing?).
 A first, a fourth, a sixth, an eighth, and a tenth grader ready to go
 Dad walked them to school, like always.  Mom gets a little apprehensive and emotional...  This year I made it a grand total of about 15 minutes before I called Allie to let her know I was coming to pick up Max cause I missed my boys.  We spent a large part of the day together, so I made it until those boys walked back through my door.
 The cutest thing happened.  We got the elementary kids out the door, and I went into my bedroom to do something.  When I came back out, #s 2 & 3 were sitting on the couch, waiting...for something.  I asked what was up, and they said they were just waiting for Dad to walk with them to school.  Mike walked up just then, and I told him they'd like him to walk with them and they suddenly got a little tentative,  "Well, yeah, I mean, if YOU want to..."  Dad happily walked them to junior high.  In fact, he walks with #3 most mornings and they have a couple of minutes to visit on their own (#2 does early morning football).
 After school, each boy brought a friend home to play.  #4 and his friend, Thomas, love the trampoline.  #5 and Cam, below, love crafts.
 Yes, I am THAT mom.  I sat on the front steps and watched for the junior high boys to walk home.  I did this even though other parents had parked in front of our house to wait for their children.  And even though there were crowds of kids passing by.  I simply couldn't help myself.
 So I got an early glimpse of #3 with his friend Ryan on their way home.  I LOVE when they get home.  Best part of my day.

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