Friday, September 13, 2013

August 2013

 #5's birthday is December 30, so we have a half birthday in the summer.  Happy 6.5!

 Lots of cousin time

 #4 celebrated his birthday when we returned from pageant.  Happy 9th!
 #3 cracked me up playing Buddy the Elf in the mall
 We got a new cousin!!  Welcome to Emerson Pahl Stovall!!
 This is my darling niece Cienna.  We love sending quirky things back and forth in the mail.  Now we both have fun batman shirts...
 The Browns came to visit us before school started!  We enjoyed lots of time to visit, a play put on by the kids, some great food, and terrific company.  We enjoyed getting to keep the kids overnight, which is when Eve fell in love with "Leb."  She still asks her mom where he is and looks for him each day!

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