Wednesday, April 28, 2010

March 2010

March was a huge, super fun month for us! #3 (curly blonde on the top row in the section of white wall) had his program in January, but I forgot to post it!! I loved watching him dance to every single water song--he thoroughly enjoyed himself.
#2 got his braces off just before his birthday.
We did several playdates during SPRING BREAK. Here #2 and friend make paper mache.
We always love having the whirlwind over!
We got to go the the BYU vs. TCU game and had a blast! We had to laugh, though, that #1 was most interested in the tubas and #2 was most interested in the mascots. #3, at least, seemed to enjoy the BASKETBALL.
#1 got his tenderfoot, 2nd, and 1st class scout ranks. We're super proud of his efforts! He's already working on several merit badges getting ready to turn 12.
#2 (far left taller of the two) had his school program and even had the guts to perform a solo!
Grandma sent homemade sweaters. We LOVE them!
#2 had a big Camp Half Blood birthday party (here they're attacking "Medusa" with the swords they decorated--mike made these wood swords in his workshop in the garage...AWESOME--wearing CHB shirts and necklaces they made).
Allie helped #2 and I decorate the cake--Thalia's pine tree (complete with golden fleece fashioned out of starbursts and baby dragon to guard it from Sea of Monsters).
Dad surprised #2 with this amazing shield. Seriously, coolest dad on the block honors for the month! Mom also made a shield just for decoration--Aegis, with Medusa's head carved in the front.
A sample of #4's classwork from open house. I absolutely adored his artwork! (You can see it all on because I couldn't choose. :D While I know others won't be as drawn to his artwork as I am, email me or leave a comment if you ever want an invite.)
Sample from #3. They studied animals' habitats, adaptations, etc.
Sample from #2's classwork--visual representations of our family members. I'm guessing his was the biggest project in class since he had 7 people to do. :) This is me. My boys are my mouth. My eyes and hair represent spaghetti and meatballs, #2's favorite dinner. My eyebrows and nose show how much I love my family. #2 was at least this creative and specific with each member of our family. I really enjoyed having him describe each of us.
Got a little jab in at Krista by putting these shots from Rescue 911 Canon Ball Kid on a cake for her birthday. Happy birthday to Krista and Dave (to whom we gave a hampster and a decorated car--no one tell them when our birthdays are!!!).
More time at the zoo with #5, his best bud, and whirlwind! LOVE IT! So glad Aunt Allie is always game to go...
Chopped my hair off. I think I like it. Pretty sure I'll grow it out again shortly, though.
#4 was sent home because the school thought he had pink eye. Since he was excused and it was allergies, we took him to the zoo. Hooray for pink eye possibilities!!
#2 celebrating his birthday with cupcakes in the classroom--his teacher is helping him conduct "Happy Birthday."
PINEWOOD DERBY--#2 got our first ever a single heat! He did it twice and was super excited. I am counting down the years...with 5 BOYS...and 3 derbies each...
Quotables: #4 threw up 5 times in one evening. When #2 heard suspicious sounds in the morning, he called to see if #4 was at it again. His response? "No. I was just practicing." For more quotables, click here or here.