Sunday, April 12, 2009

March 2009

This is #2's actually birthday. We always do cake and ice cream and Mom and Dad's gift on the real day. #2 opted for Nana-style ice cream cake, but still hasn't gotten his present. I told him we were going to give it to him at the zoo, but were going to wait since we hadn't gotten there. Apparently sweet #2 thought that meant he'd have to wait until next year. He asked, "If I need to wait a whole year, could I at least know what it was going to be?" We still haven't gotten there, but we intend to...and soon!
Jam making sessions make for one happy dad in our family!
Mom and Aunt Allie did several projects, including restaining this bad boy; stripping, caulking, and repainting the garage trim; and lots of yardwork. Lots of time and lots of laughs!
During spring break we give the boys a budget and a calendar and let them do some planning (I tell myself it teaches money and time management). This year, we planned to ride the DART, go to the zoo for #2's birthday, buy some Pokemon cards, and have an un-birthday party. This is a picture of the boys, who each had a buddy. #5 asked Aunt Allie to be his buddy!
Here Noah takes a shot at the soccer ball pinata, which he had just blasted out of camera shot! It was also Noah's month to go to the symphony with dad. He especially loved the violin soloist.
We celebrated #2's birthday. He wanted to go to the zoo, but it was so incredibly crowded that we opted for an afternoon at the zoo McDonald's. Here he uses his martial arts skilz to put this feline attacher into submission.
Here's the whole crew! It was Friday of spring break, and we were so thrilled to get out after being sick for the entire break!!
Someone made Dad's breakfast green for St. Patrick's Day! He had a hard time eating the eggs since we couldn't tell when they were done given the new color. Good thing he's a good sport...
#1 and #2 went with Mom and Dad to see the musical "The Pajama Game" at the Majestic Theater in downtown Dallas. We had a great time, even if the boys all decided they couldn't understand why mom likes stories about love. We watched for pink blushing cheeks, but didn't see much of that...although #2 was pretty glued through the binoculars when Babe and Sid kissed!
#5 is in love with trains! We've missed the obsession of #1, so #5 and mom had a great time building this fantabulous track.
We were doing our grateful game at Easter Dinner (going through the alphabet to name something we're thankful for with each letter). When it came to Eli's turn, he had the letter U.
Michael answered for him: Eli's thankful for a Uterus because otherwise he wouldn't be here!
Mom: Oooooooookay. Michael, you're on V.
Brian: Oh, no!
Thank heaven the carpet guy wasn't there!

Saturday, April 11, 2009