Monday, March 22, 2010

February 2010

Only including these cause I loved them...nothing special that we did these days...
...just cute boys (first #5, then #4) all ready for church.
We did LOTS of fun play dates--made treats, decorated flags & aprons & hats, painted, etc. This is #5 and his best friend in aprons they created decorating cupcakes.
SNOW!! We've had so much snow this year and have thoroughly, truly, completely enjoyed it! #5 and #4 play super well together--especially outside--and really loved a snow filled trampoline.
#2 (second from the left) and #3 had their basketball seasons end. Both improved tremendously and had a ton of fun. Mike coached #3; #2's coach said Caleb is an example of the reason he continues to coach because he was sincere, hard working, and much improved.
Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief came out!! Mike was gone a lot in February, but we sure made the most of it including this party that lasted most of the day. We made our own Camp Half Blood shirts and camp necklaces, went to see the movie, took the quiz to find out if they might be a half blood, and played half blood all day. While we were NOT IMPRESSED with the movie (they messed up our favorite characters, made no effort to follow the plot, and even added some more grown up parts to it), we had a blast! (#1 has glasses, #4 is right in front of him, #2 has #5's friend on his lap, #3 is the curls on the right, and #5 is wearing a striped shirt.)
Can't get enough of the zoo. We go every time the weather permits and mom can clear her calendar. Since all but #5 are in school, we usually have #5's best friend, #5, and cousin "whirlwind" (left to right).
We were able to stop and walk around the temple grounds. When the boys got home from school that day, #5 shouted, "We went to the TEMPLE, and I felt the SPIRIT!"
Snow days were a terrific break from the mundane, especially for #5, who made 2 snowmen, some snowballs, and lots of footprints.
More time at the zoo...

January 2010

January was a quiet month. Our very favorite part was the remainder of our time with Grandma and Grandpa. This is us at TX Law and Order on our way to drop them off at the airport.
#4 wrote this story to go with the snowman he made for kindergarten.
#4 with his snowman.
We are so glad this friend of #3 moved into the neighborhood. We love the swords, time at the creek, and yes, even the wii time.

December 2009

Christmas morning 2009...
#4 shows the fun book he made us in kindergarten.
#2 so thrilled that he couldn't stay sitting up.
#5 and cousin "Whirlwind" opening the video that was the hit of Christmas. #5 actually refused to open more presents or stockings until about 2 in the afternoon in favor of watching.
#1 got the makings of a reading nook for his room. We can't keep these boys' noses out of books! They even try to hide them on their laps during meals...
Scary mom who had insisted on sleeping in the same room as her boys to see her favorite part of the celebrations--her boys waking up! That was more involved this year since we picked Ann and Adam up from the airport in a freezing rain storm after midnight (during the ride I managed to pull off a crown eating a popcorn ball--so exciting! (: ), didn't get to bed until after 1am, and woke to Caleb's alarm which he had accidentally set an hour ahead. Luckily, since I let Michael play his tuba to wake up the household, everyone else (including B,A,+Whirlwind) was too tired to be aroused at 4:45am. So if I look a little scary, hey, I earned it.
Tiny Tim or the Grinch? I'll let you decide. We sure loved having these guys with us!
Ann and Adam got a lot of little things this Christmas...because after 4 years of waiting and hoping for a baby, little Charlie is finally on his way!
Dad traditionally hands out, then gives time for playing, exploring, and sharing before the next round. Would drive grandpa nuts if he had been here, but instead grandpa had a present-feeding-frenzy that could rival the pirhanas. I think they were done in under half an hour with their group! Ours didn't finish until like 2:30.
Breakfast at 6:00am. Normally we do our huge brunch mid-morning, but since all the boys and I were up at five and under contract not to awaken anyone else until 6, we got going early. We make a favorite of everyone in the family plus a few staples and really chow down. Then, since we do our big dinner Christmas Eve, mom gets the rest of the day off from cooking!
This is our Christmas Eve pageant with my sweet friend Jerilyn's family. We had a lovely dinner (they brought fabulous edible creations, rolls, and popcorn balls--we really got to FEAST!), read the Christmas story, had our pageant, and opened our pictures (how we tell which wrapping is for whom--we each open a wrapped baby picture and then trade to whomever it belongs so we know which wrap is ours) and pajamas. A little later A+B+"W" came over. Late that night we added Ann and Adam.
We got to go with the scouts to welcome home some of our troops for their R&R. A really humbling, terrific experience that left me filled with gratitude for these sacrifices and for our country.
We got to deliver our hats to Parkland. From this pic, you may be able to tell that Mom MAY have been just a wee bit stressed guiding these 5 yahoos through the hospital.
I think we had 120 hats this year!We were so blessed to have so many wonderful guests this year. My camera had issues, and I don't have many pics, but Grandma and Grandpa and Eddie and Miranda also joined us. We loved every minute!! We even got Eddie to ride a bull on Ann's birthday--automatic sainthood? One of the things we were able to do was to celebrate Charlie's coming with a baby shower. Now, I asked them to write "pea IN the pod," not "pea on the pod," which sounded suspiciously like "pee on the pot" to this potty training mom.
Annual chocolate dipping. Absolutely nothing like honey pretzels and oreos heavily dipped and sprinkled. I think #3 ate as many as he dipped!