Sunday, February 6, 2011

Pine Wood Derby

Mom's Pine Wood Derby car.
Thanks, Dad, for making it so cool. It matched the cool shirt Adam and Ann sent her way.Our pack had several super cool cars--including Gru's car from Despicable me, a couple of Hershey bars, and some ice cream bars.
Noah's and Caleb's were super sleek and shiny. Noah won the certificate for "The Spiciest" car. Caleb won the certificate for "The Slickest" car. Mom won the certificate for "The Best Food Storage Item."
Even though Caleb had to miss almost half (of his very last PWD!) for a basketball game, it was a total blast!

So I calculated: 6 more Pine Wood Derby years in a row. Then that handsome cubmaster in the background of the picture above can continue to emcee, but the pressure's off!! :)

Thursday, January 20, 2011

December 2010

#5 broke his elbow jumping on the trampoline. I thought it was dislocated and pulled on it. We waited 45 minutes for Mike to get home. It was intense and really awful because it felt like even breathing while I held him hurt him. Mike took him to urgent care, where they discovered the break, and then to the hospital. When he texted that they were putting an IV, I hurried to the hospital as well, surprised at the severity.
We ended up staying 2 nights in the hospital for a surgery (without an incision! Done through the skin with x-ray technology!) because of the immense swelling that could have caused nerve damage. #5 was an incredible champ. He watched them insert the IV and didn't flinch and didn't make a sound. The thing that made him cry was being in a hospital gown and wanting his pants back. It was a rough go, though, so we had crying throughout the nights. We were glad to get home, glad to get a good night's rest, and really, really glad to get a hard cast so that it would be more protected!
He had the cast on for 3.5 weeks, then had it off and the pins removed. He had motrin before we left home, but I was amazed he didn't cry again--considering that they just yank and twist and pull those pins out without any numbing. He watched and got a little upset, but never made a fuss or a single noise. I had to look out the window. Even looking at the picture now turns my stomach a bit. The nurse said it's not at all uncommon for someone to pass out. #5 is back to normal--happy and active. It's just a little hard to keep both his feet on the ground, which we need to do for several more weeks. He's still brave, too--got his shots yesterday without a peep or even a complaint!
#1 performed in concert black for his Winter Concert. He even got a Christmas gift early--this suit. He looked pretty snazzy, and thanks to an INCREDIBLE band program and directors, they sounded super snazzy, too. I was amazed. In fact, the other band from this MIDDLE SCHOOL played PETER AND THE WOLF. 7th and 8th grade! Amazing!!
Dad threatened to finish all the cheesecake himself.
We decorated for the holidays the first Saturday of the month in between basketball games.
#4 got creative about how to choose the next great ornament to put on the tree.
#2 performed at Merry Main Street. His teacher is amazing. She does drum clubs, recorders, choir...and maybe the best tribute you could give her is that our choirs are so big the bleachers hang down in the middle and kids have to make extra rows. These kids love her because she's amazing!
#3 and #2 enjoying the sights at Merry Main Street (#1 was babysitting #5 while mom took #4 to his basketball game).
#4 is #12 in this picture. He's such a happy, go-lucky guy that we're still trying to get him really engaged in the games. But come what may, he enjoys every minute--whether it's slowly skipping behind the crowd or trying to communicate via sign language with Mom on the sidelines.
Santa and Mrs. Claus always come to visit us (seriously, if you're looking for visitors from the North Pole next year, give us a ring...we've got somebody for you!) every year. Normally we have a party with our great neighbors, but this year, life was a little overwhelming, so we just had our visitors surprise us after bedtime one evening. I actually had to wake #5 up. I was telling him someone was here and asking who it might be. When he heard the bells, he perked up a bit. When he saw Santa, he threw his arms open wide, ran over, and bear hugged him. It was darling. Merry Christmas! :)
Mrs. Claus always takes a family pic for us as well.
#2 had a choir concert at the school as well. For this song, they turned off the lights and sang by candle light. We had a Primary Activity overlapping this, so I asked him if he'd mind me just seeing him for the pep rally performance. He said, "Mom, we're only doing the candle song once, and I'd really like you to see it. But if you need to be at the activity, I understand." Well, no. My boys come first. I very much enjoyed their beautiful concert and snuck over for the last few minutes of the Primary activity. All of this the same day #5 got released from the hospital, we had dermatologist appts, etc. Whew!!
Christmas Eve was delightful. Allie, B, and Lee + Jerilyn, Tony, and the boys came over. We had a yummy dinner, the boys used Jerilyn's phone ap to search the house for ghosts, we acted out the nativity and read the account in Luke 2, we opened our PJs and socks, and just really enjoyed each other. Somehow this is the only picture I took. #5 does make a cute cow, though, doesn't he?
#5 got this garbage truck from Santa (look at the Quotables at the very bottom if you check out the link). #4's first reaction: "OH! Is that the one from your NIGHTMARES?!" Thank you, #4!
#4 with his Santa gift. At some point during the break, he told Mike: "Sharing makes my heart feel like Christmas."
#3 with his Santa gift. He is a major "how to" kid and wants to know everything behind the scenes. He's been very excited to learn about electricity.
#2 with his Santa gift--a movie party kit!
We have a special tradition. We have a lovely Christmas Eve dinner. We have a fun brunch with everybody choosing their favorite breakfast items for mom to make. Then mom sits back and DOESN'T COOK THE REST OF THE DAY. Love it.
This is #2 when he set eyes on the grandparent gift this year...
...they all loved it! And they have each spent many hours in the time since shooting hoops. Love it when a gift is actually appreciated! Thanks, Nan+Pop and Gran+Pops!
#4 with his candy cane cast and his new PJ shirt that magically fit over that monstrously large elbow.
The boys passed this up over and over again without even noticing that there was a present here! When they finally discovered it, Michael's snake, Shadow, had a new cage.
#1 with his present from Santa. He was obsessed with trains even as a tiny toddler. He once overheard me say, "I lost my train of thought." He yelled, "TRAIN??" I said, "That boy has a one-track mind!" He was thrilled..."TRACK??"
#2 and his super, incredible, amazing, wonderful Webelos leader made these marshmallow guns for the entire family. We enjoyed a couple of wars Christmas day. I may or may not have spent more time eating the ammo than loading it.
We got to go to the aquarium. Look how grown up these boys have gotten!!! You may also notice that Mike finally did it. He shaved his head. It looks terrific.
We got to see some Native American dance performances. #4 got a little nervous when human sacrifices were mentioned.
Of course, we spent some of our time on SCOUTING! We love every minute we get to spend together setting and achieving our goals. Here's #2 learning about different kinds of bridges for the Engineering activity badge.

From #2's choir concert.

#1's solo at the band performance

How the solo he performed fit into the piece.

Quotables: When Gumby, our headehog, died the day after we got home from the hospital (um...busy and stressful week!), we had a funeral and helped the kids understand. Or so we thought. That evening, driving around to see Christmas lights, the boys played the alphabet game. #4's turn landed on 'g.' He watched for a few minutes and then announced, "We have to go home and dig up Gumby. Gumby. G." The next morning, he again asked me to dig her up. He said, "I want to see if she's been resurrected so that I can do a prayer for her--you know, like mail."