Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Christmas Party


I really love teaching preschool. It is such a blessing in my life. I've made a close friend teaching with Trisha, and look at these kids!! I adore them.

#2's Trip (Plus a Random Basketball Camp Pic) :)

What trip would be complete without a trip to urgent care?
Kasey and Emily, Sandra's nieces, were also visiting.
#2 got to hang out at Porter's for several days, and they went to a minor league game, each caught a fly ball, and even got their pictures on the jumbotron.
They also went to the boardwalk. Apparently #2 was already sick at this point. He fell asleep while sitting down and fell over, hitting his head on a cement pole. Good thing he survived. :)
Camping in the atrium
Upper Crust...JEALOUS.
Tide pools
Cousin time
Great America

AND...the random basketball camp pic. #2 and #3 were both able to attend two week long camps in early summer.

Family Pictures 2011

May-ish June-ish 2011

#1 loves scout camp!
When Mom and Dad took us to paradise, we actually ended up dining across the room from Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez. But what was really exciting was dining with this little guy. If fact, so exciting that Allie knocked over her chair and had to head to the little girls' room. :)
Old Lahaina Luau
One of our favorite places on the planet--the hike to the seven sacred pools near Hana
Mother's Day 2011
Holy cow, I went on a zip line. And the only hard part was climbing up!

#3 got to be part of drum club. Look for the curly hair and the yellow shirt.

April 2011

We spend tons of time at the zoo, but I had to include this pic because I'm pretty sure this lion wanted to eat our babies. It literally stalked them and stared and didn't move away the entire time we were there. We weren't there too long; even with the glass it was pretty unnerving to this mama.
This is #1's first suit from back in 2002.
Now my baby is wearing it. Of course, I think the cowboy boots are a fantastic addition...
This tortoise followed #5 around the entire time we were in the store. Why? The owner said he thought the green crocs were lettuce, and he was hungry! #5 was more than a little nervous.
Thanks to my dear friend Jerilyn for our amazing Christmas gift!! We spent a family night together at Strikz playing games and laser tag. #4 felt a lot better about the opportunity after we assured him that we would not play with lasers and it would not be like real life light sabers. I gotta wonder what in our history makes him think I'd put him in mortal peril for fun...
Dad coached #5 in soccer.
#4 helped with planting our square inch garden.
#5 gets more friends and more outings than any of the others did. A perk of being the baby, I guess.
Of course, he's also had more goose eggs than any of the others...

#1 made it official when he turned 13--we are now parents of a teenager! His request was pizza and a chocolate fountain. :)
#1, 2, 4, and 5 all got cowboy boots. YEEHAW!
#2 decorated his birthday cake with me after his actual day. This is a treasure chest with octopi.
#2 decided he wanted to learn the french horn!

We decorated cookies for Easter. If my memory serves me well, we also dyed eggs. If not, I'll just apologize to Gram right here and now for not giving her grandbabies all of the experiences she expects them to have. ;)