Friday, September 21, 2012

LeBaron Family Reunion

 Our LeBaron Family Reunion was at Aspen Grove, a family camp put on by the BYU alumni association.  Participants commit to standards of dress, speech, etc that support our family values.  It was wonderful.  At the opening ceremony, #1 is holding #5, who caught one of the Frisbees!
 This is actually the Lamoreaux Family t-shirt that mom designed as a copy of the extended Lamoreaux family reunion t-shirt from 20 years ago.  #1 is doing his age group cheer.
 All the LeBaron cousins
 #1 had so much fun.  He loved that he spent at least half his day with his age group doing things like hiking, crafts, rock wall, swimming, RISK, games, etc., but still had lots of family time.
 I "threw a pot" for the first time ever.
 #2 was constantly with these darling girls and -- a milestone -- came home with their phone numbers
 Lots of outdoor family Pops helps #5 at the hula hoop ring toss (Dad is up the hill)
 Here Pops earns us extra points by getting in the garbage can we have to fill with water.  #3 is coming in to pour more water while #5 looks on.
 I spent lots of time painting with kids.  Here #s 4 and 5 paint with 3 cute cousins
 They had a ropes course that was about 3 or 3.5 stories high.  You climbed a pole with random chinks in it, transferred to the rock wall, then continued around the trees on wires.  Here #2 navigates the course.

 #s 2 and 3 love to fish!
 This is #4 on the rock wall.  This little boy is a crack up, unless he's getting lost just after dark on the very first night...
 #4 opted for Battleship instead of swim time most days.  His group leader was a champ and patiently played with him just as long as #4 was interested.
 There was a rousing 3 way basketball game (which I'm sure Mike won -- here with brother Rob)

 LOVE this picture of Nana!!
 #s 4 and 5 at the family dance with #5's group leader, Ali.  #4 asked if he could call her Ali Gator so he would always remember her and told her she could remember him because so many people use his name for their dogs (REALLY?  Where does he come up with this stuff??)  Ali said she'll remember him, too, because she'll name her first dog after him.  When we were going to pack instead of going to the dance, #4 told Mike he needed to go because he and Ali like each other so much...  :)
 #3 rammed the bottom of the pool with his chin.  The pool won.
 They had a minute to win it night, and #1 got to participate
 Walleyball was a big favorite--Earl went, too, but here are Pops, Rob, and Mike
 The boys got to use a lathe to create their own pens.  I opted for more kids craft time, but would have loved to cram this activity in, too.  The pens turned out sooooo cool!
 More family water activities...Uncle Rob was terrific helping the boys participate while I stayed dry manning the camera.
 This is Mike eating crow because he had just pushed "Simon" (#4's group leader, who was a judge during the water games pretending to be Simon Cowell...Mike got caught up in the crowd's jeering  (:  ) into the pool complete with wallet and cell phone.
 Each age group learned a song from a different country.  Can you tell where #3 learned his song from?
#1 was "Proud to Be an American."

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Quick Stop with the Moultries

 Sandra's backyard is every boy's dream--swing, water fountain, darts, fort (I'm sure it started as a "playhouse" before my boys got to it  (:  ), basketball, soft grass...  Here #5 pushes #2 on that swing.
 #4 just chillin' on his 8th birthday
 Water fight!  So it turns out that if you save water bottles after you've drunk them, you can use a pin to poke tiny holes in the lid and re-purpose them as the perfect summertime weapon.  Sandra's good ideas never end!  #2 with Sandra's niece.
 Just hangin'.  No better feeling that I know of--friends and family, just relaxing together.

 Mike with #1, who determined himself officially too old for the water fight (he's a mature teenager, you know...).
 #4 was baptized!  It was an absolutely beautiful experience.  We felt the Spirit very strongly and felt the love and unity of family.
 #2 and cousin Porter spoke at the baptism and taught beautifully about baptism and the gift of the Holy Ghost.
We went out for lunch at IHOP after with Sandra, Nana and Pops, the Brown family, Gram and Pops, and the Hamilton family.  The Stovalls headed off for new adventures.  Thank you so very much to Sandra and her family for hosting us--their support was amazing, and we are so grateful!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Vacation Through Lamoreaux Reunion

 We were at my parents' home for 2 weeks due to the unexpected change in plans (the mechanic had to come to Raton to pick up the car and return in to TX, and my Dad drove overnight from CA to pick us up and turn right around).  #4 LOVES riding bikes, but there wasn't one his size...
 #4 action shot
 #5 loved hanging with Pops--cleaning the backyard, watching TV, everything!
 So many hours of swim time (#2 with cousins) and even many hours of MOM playing tag.  Talk about feeling my age!!
 Pops throwing #5
 #2 (who never stops flexing!)
 100s of slides through an innertube.  #3 wouldn't slide until the very last day.  He then held on to the top bars and lowered himself down as far as he could, gathering his courage to let go.  After two slides managed that way, we heard him tell himself, "Well, I didn't die, so I guess I'll try it sitting up."
 Quynh took us to a science museum in San Francisco.
 Including a butterfly exhibit (#s 1 and 4 with cousins and Pops)
 These are actually 100s of sea lions at the tide pools.
 This is one of my very favorite pics from the entire vacation, #5 once again with Pops.
 #1 starting the "burying in the sand" activities that ended with all the boy cousins burying their legs in a circle.
 Fedoras are in!  #2 and cousin Porter.
 #3 enjoying our view from Sams Town the night we spent in Vegas before the reunion
 My sweet Grandpa Orien, who passed away the night after we returned to TX
 Grandma Hazel
 #4 LOVES babies
 #5 with Gram
 Mom messing with cousin Leland
 #2 had a sick day or two in the middle  :(
 We did all kinds of crafts and activities with the kids
 Including blanket sleds
 Croquet, trampoline, tree house campouts...
 #5 climbing in Valley of Fire
 #s 1 and 3 at the very top
 #3 also had a sick day--I think from dehydration at Valley of Fire
 So much swim's a miracle Mike survived this one!
 Water balloon launcher--serious hit!
 Our target...PAPA!
 Mike and I got to go to the temple.
 Lake Mead slide, tubes, mud, food, SO MUCH FUN (#1 here)
 The whole fam-damily!
 Cousin Kim and her husband Kalani made an incredible luau dinner for us.  Never tasted something better than that guava cake!
Who extended Lamoreaux family joined us Thursday evening (here #5 is making friends with Reese)