Sunday, February 6, 2011

Pine Wood Derby

Mom's Pine Wood Derby car.
Thanks, Dad, for making it so cool. It matched the cool shirt Adam and Ann sent her way.Our pack had several super cool cars--including Gru's car from Despicable me, a couple of Hershey bars, and some ice cream bars.
Noah's and Caleb's were super sleek and shiny. Noah won the certificate for "The Spiciest" car. Caleb won the certificate for "The Slickest" car. Mom won the certificate for "The Best Food Storage Item."
Even though Caleb had to miss almost half (of his very last PWD!) for a basketball game, it was a total blast!

So I calculated: 6 more Pine Wood Derby years in a row. Then that handsome cubmaster in the background of the picture above can continue to emcee, but the pressure's off!! :)