Friday, September 13, 2013

Cast Team Time and Other Pageant Activities

 #3 performed in the talent show while we visited with the Webbs to "Once There Was a Snowman."
 #5 fell in love with the work crew, boys 17 and older who came a week early and worked like crazy setting up the stage, doing special effects, all the background stuff that makes the pageant successful.  More impressive to me was how kind they were to my boys.  They even came to the top of the study shelter and serenaded #4 on his birthday!
 This is the stage--it's divided into 7 sections and is several stories high.
 This is part of our B2 cast team building tootsie roll towers.
 We got to visit the Sacred Grove, where Joseph Smith saw God and Jesus Christ in vision.
 I loved this plaque because of its quote and the faithfulness and optimism it showed.
 This is in front of the Smith family's home.
 This is in the upper bedroom where Moroni visited Joseph.
 The kids got to do crafts, family home evening packets, games, and much, much more in their cast teams.
 On our day off, we went to Grimes Glenn, a beautiful like hike through a large stream with 3 60 foot waterfalls you can climb and play in.
 #5 loved following his brothers in climbing and sliding.
 #3 posing in the waterfall.  After figuring out how little he was eating last year and watching as his growth pattern stopped, we are so excited that this past year he gained over 10 pounds!  And he grew 2.5 inches!!  Sooooo proud of him for taking this bull by the horns, counting calories and protein, and making a difference in his health!
 #5 forgot his water shoes, but wanted to play in the water, so we combined his shoe laces and Mom's flip flops, and he managed just fine.
 #1 on the bridge that begins the hike
 We were able to get together with the Webbs twice--once for pizza, ice cream, and cards and once for breakfast at Denny's.  It was so fun to see the kids enjoy each other as much as we enjoy Shahna and Aaron.  What a blessing.
 These two have been good friends since they were tiny.  Mike and #1 went to Reston when #1 was 8 and visited, and the dads and boys met up in SLC for general conference when #1 was 12.  They always pick up where they left off and just enjoy each other so much.
#5 happy, happy, happy.

The night before we left, #4 bawled for nearly 2 hours.  Just when he started to settle down, I heard someone softly crying outside the trailer.  These boys LOVED this experience, and it was sooooo worth Mom braving showering with 3 frogs, mosquitos, moths, and daddy long legs--all at once!--to share this with them.  We are truly grateful.

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